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Pocket dialing issue for 911

Messenger & Republican reporter

The Cherokee Police Department is asking citizens to be vigilant when putting cell phones in their pockets or letting children play with phones.
The police department is having issues with pocket dialing. For the month of July, 911 has received 440 calls and only 59 of those have been actual emergency calls.
Pocket dialing is tying up their dispatchers and officers.
Whenever a call comes into the 911 system, depending on the location, it is sent to the appropriate people.
The Cherokee Police Department tries to send out an officer to every 911 call.
It is done as a precaution because so many stories from across the nation involve someone calling for help and then the phone gets disconnected.
When the dispatcher makes contact, the party that might be fighting with the original caller will say everything is fine. There is a possibility that when they hang up, they may abuse the caller.
There is a law against misusing of 911 and it is a criminal offense. The police department says if the problems gets worse, then action may be taken. Especially if the caller does it multiple times over a multiple day spread.
Since Jan. 1 to press time the 911 center has received 2,462 calls.

Nita French received a kidney and pancreas transplant and got a second chance at life. As a community outreach coordinator for LifeShare, she is giving back.

Former Jet resident participates in transplant games

Messenger & Republican reporter
Twelve years ago, Nita French, formerly of Jet, could not have even imagined running a 5K or playing basketball, she could barely get out of bed.
After battling diabetes since the age of 12 and being diagnosed with declining kidney function at 25-weeks into her first pregnancy at the age of 24, French was placed on the transplant waiting list while fighting for her life. Her baby weighed 18 ounces at birth.
Her second chance at life came after waiting two years and two weeks on the list. October 2001 she received a call from LifeShare that there were organs donated for her.
Even though it was the third time French had received this call, she knew something was different.
“They gave me a new kidney and pancreas and I woke up a completely new person,” said French.
French was able to meet her donor’s family. They saw the second chance their child had given French.
She is now the community outreach coordinator for LifeShare.
French got the job after she rode in the Rose Day Parade on Jan. 1. She was able to talk with the “higher ups” at LifeShare and told them she would like a job.
LifeShare facilitates all organ and tissue donation in the state of Oklahoma.
While at the parade she also met people who told her to join and compete in the Transplant Games.
Now, a picture of health and the only woman to bear three children after an organ transplant, French celebrated organ donation by participating in the 2014 Transplant Games of America for Team Oklahoma that took place in Houston July 11 through 15.

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Amorita-Byron Fire & Rescue’s new building is near completion. Alfalfa County Commissioners approved the bid from Rieger Welding of Manchester for $79,440 during their February meeting. The building offers more clearance for the taller trucks and will have more parking. A shower and bathroom will be added soon. The former building only offered about an inch of clearance.