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Aline-Cleo Board of Education holds two meetings in August

Prior the regular monthly meeting of the Aline-Cleo School Board Aug. 5, members conducted a special meeting for action on items pertaining to the sale of bonds.

After calling the meeting to order, members voted to approve hiring Stephen L. Smith Corp as financial consultants to the school district for the 2020-21 fiscal year.

A meeting date of Sept. 18 at noon was established for the sale of $400,000 in building bonds for the school district.

With the meeting date established, the special meeting adjourned and the regular meeting was called to order.

First order of business in the regular meeting was discussion on the 2020-21 Child Nutrition lunch and breakfast prices.

Upon discussion, the following meal prices were approved by the board: lunch, $4.20; breakfast, $2.10; staff, $4.50; guests, $4.50.

Based on the current rates Superintendent Barry Nault told members the school could lose around $10,000 on meals this year but his personal opinion was to not raise prices any further.

The board voted to approve the proposed prices.

Members then approved a student transfer into the district from another school.

Quotes were then opened for construction of a storage building which will be installed at the elementary school in Cleo Springs.

A total of three quotes were received for the project and they were submitted by:

• CH Miller, 60‘x40’x12’ with 4” concrete throughout for flooring, $48,904. It was noted the quote amount included 26 gauge tin and all steel construction.

• Legacy, 60‘x40‘x12‘ with no concrete provided. It was noted the building would need to be erected first and then the school would need to hire someone to pour concrete after the building was in place. The building as it was bid was for a wood frame building with 29 gauge steel.

After reviewing a third submitted bid, board members voted to go with the quote from CH Miller in the amount of $48,904 due to the building being all steel frame construction and heavier tin on the outside.

Per a requirement sent out by OSSBA, board members voted to approve a Racial Equality board policy.

Discussion followed on an acquisition proposal between Aline-Cleo Public Schools and Oklahoma Department of Transportation for a strip of land owned by the school that will be utilized by the road widening project.

Mr. Nault stated the proposal would see ODOT purchase a strip of land starting near the northeast corner post of the current fence, on the southeast side of the school, and then proceed south in a diagonal direction.

In total, the school will lose about 30’. Acquisition cost agreed to as presented by ODOT is $10,650.00. It was noted money to relocate the fence was part of the proposed figure.

A host of yearly policies were then approved. During discussion on the school’s Disaster Plan for 2020-21, Mr. Nault stated the only change from past years is the inclusion of the district’s COVID-19 policy.

Board members then discussed two separate reopening plans in regard to COVID-19. It was noted both plans were similar in nature with only minor differences in the two.

Members ultimately opted to go with the plan they felt was the most detailed and offered the most guidance for everyone involved.

In regards to an agenda item dealing with the 2020-21 Student Handbook, Superintendent Nault stated the only real change from last year will be adjustments to how chronic and 10 day absences are handled in regards to students testing positive for COVID-19.

It was noted any student testing positive for the virus, will not have the days missed counted against them per State Department of Education guidelines.

Members then approved the handbook as presented.

Approval of General Fund encumbrances 68-74 in the amount of $29,829.03; Building Fund Encumbrances 29-32 in the amount of $5,600; Child Nutrition Fund Encumbrance 3 in the amount of $41.80; and Building Bond Fund Encumbrances 1-3 in the amount of $2,914 were approved.

During the Superintendent’s Report, Mr. Nault stated the pads have been poured for the construction of the bus barn at the high school.

Projects at the elementary that have been completed include the fencing, new playground equipment installation, marry go round rehabilitation and new border installation around the playground equipment.

Mr. Nault stated the new digital LED signs for the high school and elementary should be delivered soon. The signs will be installed along the highway at both schools and will display various school related items.

In unfortunate news, Mr. Nault told board members that due to current conditions stemming from the pandemic, 11 students have been withdrawn from school at Aline-Cleo and will be attending EPIC online.

Additionally, five other students have opted to participate in the Aline-Cleo Public School’s virtual class option.

Mr.. Nault explained to the board students who attend online through the school are still eligible to take part in sports and other activities such as showing livestock at events. In contrast, those who opted for EPIC, will not be eligible to participate in school related activities.

It was mentioned by Mr. Nault that heating/air conditioning ducts for the new heat/air units at the high school gym are being installed.

He also stated trees have been removed in the area that will house the new bus barn and removal of trees on the west side of the Ag/STEM building has been scheduled.

Construction on the new classroom addition at the elementary has temporarily been slowed due to the weather.

Without any additional discussion on items, meeting adjourned. Next meeting will be held Sept. 2 in the High School Library in Aline.

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