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Cleo State Bank donates backpack sanitizing units to area schools

As school districts continue to fine tune their policies in the COVID-19 environment, five local school districts will receive tools to help with fight against the virus.

Cleo State Bank last week made the first of a couple presentations as they presented Aline-Cleo and Timberlake with backpack style sanitizing units that will be used by the districts to disinfect classrooms.

In addition to the backpack style sprayers, Cleo State Bank is also presenting each district with handheld sanitizing units that will be used to disinfect buses.

Cleo State Bank Vice President and Director James Fuzzell stated, “We’re providing the schools with these sprayers/sanitizers to help protect some of the greatest assets to our communities…our students and teachers”.

The units being donated are manufactured by Victory Innovations and are effective in killing Norovirus in less than four minutes.

They are also safe to be used on food contact surfaces, soft surfaces and require no rinsing and contain no harmful chemicals.

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