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New Miss Burlington crowned


On September 10, the Miss Burlington pageant was held in the Burlington auditorium and broadcast on BurlingtonElks.TV.

The Burlington student council is pleased to announce that Alyssa Russell is our 2020-2021 Miss Burlington.

When preparing for Miss Burlington, Russell spent hours learning how to walk gracefully in heels, preparing her dress, and practicing her talent.

She played, “Moonlight Sonata 1st Movement” by Ludwig Van Beethoven on the piano. Russell felt anxious but confident about performing in front of her friends. She shared that the pageant helped her with her anxiety, working under pressure, and feeling empowered.

The most exciting thing about being Miss Burlington for Russell is that she gets to represent Burlington School and the community. She is happy that this event has given her a chance to overcome her stage anxiety. It made her feel really great about herself and helped her get out of her comfort zone.

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