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County approves OSU Extension contract

The Alfalfa County Commissioners met at 10 a.m., Monday, Dec. 7 for their weekly meeting.

The meeting was called to order with Jay Hague and Stan Tucker present.

The minutes were approved first.

Next, the contract with the OSU Extension office was approved and Tommy Puffinbarger thanked the commissioners for supporting them and the children from the county.

Also approved was Sourcewell as nationwide purchasing program to allow District 3 to purchase mower.

A transfer was approved for $22,876 from county general insurance/workman’s comp to county general payroll due to not having contingency account for safety incentive per auditor.

The appropriations were approved as follows: sales tax health, $55,245.66, which was broken up to ambulance, $25,455.20 and each of the nine fire departments, $3,310.05; highway, $276,666.38; sheriff cash, $3,924.99; sheriff revolving, $23.97; cash highway districts, $19,586.07; highway T-8, $18,321.07; highway District 1 T-2A, $1,645.21; highway District 2 T-5, $175,000; highway District 3 T-2A, $544.05; SJ-10, $149.61; cash 911 sales tax, $10,184.72; assessor visual, $3.71; assessor revolving, $247; cash contingency, $17,627.47; county clerk, $343.94; county clerk preservation, $1,400.11; court clerk records management, $150; enhanced 911, $6,089.41; treasurer, $50; sales tax fairgrounds, $10,328.11.

Next, the monthly officer reports, court clerk records management and preservation monthly report, monthly highway expenditure, allocation of alcohol beverage tax, safety incentive warrants, maintenance and operation warrants for payment and blanket purchase orders were approved.

The alcohol beverage tax was allocated as follows: Aline, $696.27; Amorita, $124.46; Burlington, $511.28; Byron, $117.73; Carmen, $1,194.11; Cherokee, $5,038.79; Goltry, $837.56; Helena, $4,719.24; Jet, $716.46; and Lambert, $20.18.

No road crossing permits were submitted and no action was taken on a declaration of surplus or resolution for disposing of equipment for District for a 2017 John Deere 672 G Grader.

A transfer document from county clerk to treasurer for a sit/stand desk riser for $287.59 was approved.

A correction in fund number/department number with charts of account was also approved.

The final item of business was approving and updating the county COVID policy to match what came from the CDC.

After hearing no unforeseen business, the meeting adjourned.

Alfalfa County commissioner meetings are held at 10 a.m. every Monday, except for holidays. They meet on the second floor of the courthouse in Cherokee.

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