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Judges select lighting contest winners

The judges have spoken and turned their results in to the Messenger & Republican for the annual lighting contest.

Judges were tasked with the difficult job of awarding first through fifth place in the annual lighting contest.

After a tough decision, the judges chose the following as the winners:

First place and $100 went to George and Cheryl Washburn, 614 E. 10th.

Second place and $75 went to Steve and Cindy Lohrding, 1410 South Oklahoma.

Third place and $50 went to Bo and Heidi Ginder, 1423 South Ohio.

Fourth place and $25 went to Dorsey and Debra Redd, 1116 South Grand.

Fifth place and $25 went to • Matt and Desiree Gibson, 616 E. 7th.

Those honorable mention include:

• Jerry and Vickie Eshleman, 617 East 10th Street.

• Jeremy and Megan Hickman, 701 East 10th Street.

• Amantha Sanborn, 215 West 11th Street.

• Cale Gibson, 1400 Kay Avenue.

• Jim Bill and Donna Smith, 305 Randolph.

Winners can stop by the newspaper office at 216 South Grand to pick up the prize money.


George and Cheryl Washburn win first place in the annual lighting contest sponsored by Alfalfa Electric Cooperative. Their address is 614 E. 10th Street in Cherokee.

Steve and Cindy Lohrding took home second place. Their address is 1410 South Oklahoma.

Bo and Heidi Ginder took home third place. Their address is 1423 South Ohio.

Dorsey and Debra Redd took home fourth place. Their address is 1116 South Grand Avenue.

Matt and Desiree Gibson took home fifth place. Their address is 616 East 7th Street.

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