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A-C BOE approves resignations

Resignations and appointments of new board members were on the agenda during the regular meeting of the Aline-Cleo School Board Feb. 3.

After calling the meeting to order and approving the minutes of the Jan. 6 meeting, the focus turned to board resignations and appointments.

The first resignation was tendered by Board Member Blake Newton. Newton was resigning his position on the board after nine years.

After reading his resignation letter, board members voted to accept his resignation.

Following Newton’s resignation, board members voted to approve Paige Chandler to fill the vacant seat left by Newton.

A second resignation was tendered by Board Member Juanita Beckwith. Beckwith was resigning her position on the board after 16 years.

After reading her resignation letter, board members voted to accept her resignation.

Following Beckwith’s resignation, board members voted to approve Kalei Cell to fill the vacant seat left by Beckwith.

Members then approved contracting with OKTLE for teacher and support staff evaluations for the 2021-22 school year. It was noted the agreement is a yearly procedure.

A contract with ADPC for the 2021-22 school year was then approved. It was noted the item is another yearly item that has to be approved and it’s related to the finances for the district.

Focus then shifted to approval of encumbrances. General Fund Encumbrances 107-110 in the amount of -$31,534.88 and Building Fund Encumbrances 38 and 70006-70007 in the amount of $22,218.55 were approved.

It was noted a loan for the gym floor at the elementary in the amount of $32,000 was paid off in order to save on interest.

Superintendent Barry Nault then presented his report to board members. He said the school is still waiting for the ground to dry up so rock can be hauled in where the house was torn down by the elementary school in Cleo Springs.

The rock will be hauled in to complete the parking lot expansion. Rock will also be hauled in for the high school parking lot in Aline.

Mr. Nault stated an overhead door will be installed and work on the storage building at the elementary will be completed.

He also stated a 20’ storage container will be purchased and moved to the softball field in Aline. The storage container will provide a place to store the pitching machine and other equipment.

Other improvement projects for the softball field were also discussed.

Mr. Nault also stated water heaters are ordered for the Ag Building. He said the district is looking at two tankless water heaters for the project.

He noted the two heaters at the elementary gym are getting old and he added the company installing the heating/air conditioning units at the high school gym promised they would be finished by the end of February.

After discussing financial reports, the meeting adjourned. Next meeting will be held March 3.

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