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County commissioners approve disaster emergency proclamation

The Alfalfa County Commissioners met for their weekly meeting at 10 a.m., Monday, March 1.

The meeting was called to order with Marvin Woodall, Jay Hague and Michael Roach present.

The minutes, maintenance and operation warrants for payment and blanket purchase orders were approved first.

Next, the appropriations were approved as follows:

• Highway, $301,121.86; sales tax health, $55,290.04; sheriff revolving, $3,913.34; sheriff cash, $6,080.33; highway T-8, $20,075.12; cash hwy districts, $25,196.28; highway District 1 T1A, $72,093.02; highway District 2 T1A, $368.33; Highway District 2 T2A, $921.81; hwy District 1 T2A, $111,482.77; highway Distirct 3 T2A, $13,978.03; sales tax health – Jet Fire, $74.74; sales tax health – Jet Fire, $515.66; sales tax health – Helena Responders, $418.11; sales tax health – Amorita/Byron, $1,045.27; sales tax health – Burlington Fire, $209.05; sales tax health – Carmen Responders, $1,205.54; sales tax health – Aline Fire, $954.68; treasurer, $45; sales tax fairgrounds, $6,808.27; county clerk, $275.63; county clerk preservation, $1,282.63; cash EM grant, $2,500; enhanced 911, $6,477.60; assessor visual, $6.80; assessor revolving, $53; general govt-st, $21,909.85; court clerk rec management, $119.75; cash 911 sales tax, $11,393.11

Also approved were the monthly officer reports, court clerk records management and preservation monthly report and monthly highway expenditures.

The commissioners allocated the alcohol beverage tax to be distributed to the county towns.

No road crossing permits were submitted for approval.

A disaster emergency proclamation was approved as follows:

“WHEREAS, on February 8-20, 2021 Alfalfa County, Oklahoma experienced a significant winter weather event, causing considerable damage to public and private properties; and

WHEREAS, immediate attention is required to protect public health, reduce further damage, insure public safety and render emergency relief; and

WHEREAS, We, the Board of County Commissioners of Alfalfa County, Oklahoma, do find that the aforementioned conditions constitute a threat to the safety and welfare of the county, and create an emergency disaster situation within the meaning o Section 683.3, Oklahoma Emergency Management Act of 2003, as amended;

NOW, THEREFORE, We, the Board of County Commissioners, acting under the power invested in us do hereby declare Alfalfa county to be a disaster area, entitled to aid, relief and assistance and do hereby direct the implementation of the County Emergency Operations Plan.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal to this instrument on the 1st day of March in the year of our Lord, two thousand twenty-one.”

Next, Robert Kimminau as approved as technical support backup for heating/air for the courthouse.

A private property access easement in District 3 was approved to remove trees from the right-of-way and place on farmer’s land.

The commissioners approved declarations of surplus for District 3 for a 2016 JD CX 15 Flex Wing Mower and for District 2 for a 1995 fuel pump fill rite and a 2004 fuel pump diesel.

They also approved resolutions for disposing of equipment for the two fuel pumps.

The request to remove a project from CIRB’s 5-year plan for Alfalfa County for District 1 was approved.

Also approved was a transfer from County Clerk M&O to County Clerk Travel for $172.50 for travel for deputy to go to class.

A transfer was corrected from County General INS/Work Comp to County Clerk Personal Services for $946.50 for county’s portion of dependent insurance.

The final item of business was approving a Fiscal Year 21-22 Sack and Fox Nation Juvenile Detention agreement with the county.

After hearing no unforeseen business, the meeting adjourned.

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