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Council updates city ordinances

The Cherokee Development Authority and City of Cherokee councils met at 6 p.m., Wednesday, March 10 for their bimonthly meeting.

The meeting was called to order with Jeremy Hickman, Lance Miller, Adrienne Wessels and Mayor Karen Hawkins present. David Collins arrived shortly after the meeting was called to order.

The minutes were approved first with Miller abstaining.

Next, the claims list and financials were approved.

The final item of business was considering and taking action on Chaparrel Apartments’ sewer usage.

They had a major water leak from the ice storm that was losing 80 gallons per minute.

They chose to leave the water on with the water leak for the other residents. They weren’t disputing the total bill, just asking for forgiveness on the sewer side.

Their total bill was $7,453.98 with the sewer being almost $3,000 of that amount.

The council approved moving their sewer bill to their regular rate of $372.96.

City Manager Mike Jones gave his report:

• All damaged CDA property from the ice storm has been repaired and working properly.

After hearing no new business the meeting adjourned.

The City of Cherokee meeting was immediately called to order.

The minutes were approved first with Miller abstaining.

Next, the claims lists and financials were approved.

The agenda contained a lengthy list of ordinances that needed to be worded differently or repealed.

The list is as follows:

• Ordinance 2021-04: Elimination of the administrative site plan review and the administrative site plan review board: The council took no action due to it being listed twice on the agenda.

• Ordinance 2021-05: Codifying the current appointment of the members of the governing body as members of the planning commission. This allows for the council to be the planning commission.

• Ordinance 2021-06: This ordinance appoints the council as the library board.

• Ordinance 2021-07: This ordinance appoints the council as the floodplain board.

• Ordinance 2021-08: This ordinance appoints the council as the fair housing board.

• Ordinance 2021-09: This repealed the code enforcement board and allowed the city manager to have the hearing for code enforcement.

• Ordinance 2021-10: This ordinance appoints the council as the Board of Trustees of the Cherokee Municipal Cemetery.

• Ordinance 2021-11: This ordinance makes the airport board an advisory board.

• Ordinance 2021-12: This ordinance makes the board of adjustment as the appeal board for the municipal code and variances.

• Ordinance 2021-13: This allows for the council to appoint members, including themselves, for the capital improvement planning committee. This committee will not be a standing committee, but be appointed when and if they have business to conduct as determined by the Mayor.

• Ordinance 2021-14: This is an old ordinance that allows growers of medical marijuana to just grow and not process. The changes will match state law and allow the grower to do alterations to their plants.

Collins voted no.

• Ordinance 2021-15: Repealed the park board commissioners.

• Ordinance 2021-16: Repealed the administrative site plan review and the site plan review board.

All of the ordinances were declared an emergency as well.

Next, the council discussed purchasing a Grasshopper mower and sprayer combination and Top Hat Trailer from H-N-I Lawncare in the amount of $6,200. The cost was $5,000 for the mower/sprayer and $1,200 for the trailer.

This will allow the city to spray its own property. There is no need for a license since they will be spraying city property only.

The council approved the purchase of the mower, sprayer and trailer.

The final item of business was approving a declaration of emergency in response to the severe weather storm as proclaimed by Governor Kevin Stitt and authorizing the mayor to act.

Jones gave his report:

• The airport lounge will need new flooring after the winter storms. An insurance claim has been filed.

• The city is still waiting on a quote for the old City Hall. The building will need to be gutted and rebuilt. An insurance claim has been filed.

• The city ordered a load of cold-mix asphalt, but the company delivered hot mix by accident. Due to their error, the city won’t be billed for the asphalt. The crews did the best they could by spreading hot mix around town, but the hot mix sets up faster and is harder to form to existing road surface.

• After the winter storms, Ohio Street is worse. The city plans to place a thin layer of asphalt between Highway 64 and Duncan Drive. This will smooth out that section of road temporarily until the road can be rebuilt properly.

• Safe Routes to School is moving again. The 30% plans have been submitted and final plans are scheduled to be complete by September 2021.

• Oklahoma is in Phase 3 of Covid Vaccine distribution. Adults who would like the vaccine can receive it. Great Salt Plains Health Center is offering shots on Wednesday and Friday.

• Jones provided an update on personnel at the city.

• Work is being done on a city website and Jones needs pictures and bios from the council.

• The fire department had members attend a pump operators class and water shuttle class on two different weekends in Jet. The water shuttle class will add points to the ISO which could potentially lower the cost of individual homeowner’s insurance.

• There will be a structural firefighting class in April in Goltry, which 5-6 members will attend the 6-week course.

• The damaged police unit has been repaired and is in-service.

• The monthly report was given by Chief Ryan McNeil.

The police department responded to or initiated 198 service calls for the month. They also responded to investigate and/or document 26 criminal violations, collisions and other incidents, which resulted in 21 reports being generated.

The department made 16 traffic stops with nine municipal citations, four written warnings and two verbal warnings being issued.

The officers attended an internal training on report writing and affidavits on Feb. 23. The class was put on internally with Officer Cross instructing. Chief McNeil Officer Hall and Officer Fink attended the class.

• City Clerk Amber Wilhite gave the update on permits and licensing.

In February they issued one alcoholic beverage license, one building permit and four animal permits.

• A discussion was held on canceling the March 24 meeting.

After hearing no new business, the meeting adjourned at 7:02 p.m.

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