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OKFB offers tornado tips

The National Weather Service reports that April to June are the most active for tornadoes in Oklahoma 

According to the weather service, the most costly tornado in Oklahoma led to $2 billion in damage. With Oklahoma being located in the heart of tornado alley, it is important to create an emergency plan and ensure your home, vehicle, farm and ranch and other assets are protected.

As tornado season approaches, consider these tips from OKFB Insurance to prepare for a tornado and to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Create an Emergency Plan. This plan should include steps for you and your family to follow when a tornado is spotted in the area. For example, the plan could include the shelter location or who will gather necessary supplies. Additionally, you may consider creating a checklist of items you want to have with you when seeking shelter. A few items that are important to have are:

Weather radio

Bottled water and food



First aid kit


Understand Tornado Watch vs. Tornado Warning. These terms sound similar, but hold different meanings. Knowing the difference is important when preparing for a tornado. Tornado watch signifies the current weather is capable of producing a tornado, while a tornado warning signifies one has been spotted and seeking shelter should be the priority. 

One way to protect your assets, like your home, farm and ranch or business, is through insurance. Along with insuring your items, there are a few things you could do to minimize tornado damage.

Remove debris, outdoor furniture and branches

Unplug high-dollar appliances and secure them

Install permanent shutters to cover windows

According to the weather service, tornadoes can happen during any time of the year, so knowing the signs are critical for staying prepared. A few common signs include the sky looking dark and green, a funnel-shaped cloud in the sky and loud continuous rumbling. Tornado season is just around the corner during these spring months, so take time now to get prepared. Ensure your assets are covered for the unexpected and use these ways to stay safe and protected throughout the year.

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