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Aline-Cleo BOE discuses employees

An Executive Session was on tap during the regular meeting of the Aline-Cleo School Board April 7, to discus employment, renewal, nonrenewal, promotion, demotion, discipline, resignation and salaries of certified and/or support personnel for the 2021-22 school year.

After an Executive Session last about 45 minutes, members voted to reconvene into Open Session.

Once in Open Session, members voted to approve hiring Bralyn Graybill for the 2021-22 school year at state base.

Board members then voted to approve a pair of resignations that will go into effect at the end of this school year. Submitting resignations were Rani Smith and Jade George.

A pair of agenda items pertaining to Aline-Cleo Public Schools joining other districts in a class action lawsuit against the State Department of Education were tabled for the time being.

Superintendent Barry Nault stated an announcement hours before the meeting would likely mean the lawsuit would not be needed.

General Fund Encumbrances 114-117 in the amount of $2,977.96, Building Fund Encumbrances 39-40 in the amount of $5,100 and Child Nutrition Fund Encumbrance #6 in the amount of $4,000 were all approved.

Superintendent Nault then presented his report to the board.

He stated the district is still waiting on rock to be hauled in at the elementary and high school.

It was also added the storage building at the elementary is now complete.

Mr. Nault noted that the school has purchased a new riding mower that will be kept at the elementary school. The new mower will allow for a mower to be kept at both locations without having to haul one back and forth between locations.

After reviewing financial statements, the meeting adjourned.

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