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Local pastor talks on foundation



My grandfather taught me how to play golf at the Alva golf course. One of the most important lessons I ever learned from him was that “it all depends on the setup.” Essentially, before you swing the club and hit the ball, you have to get your setup right for the ball to fly good and far and in the right direction. I love that lesson. I know what a poor shot feels like because I was not setup right. When my hands, shoulders, feet, and head are not in the right direction, I will not hit a good shot. I also know what a good shot feels like because I was setup in the right way. The setup is everything.

I bring this up for our consideration because in our life and our faith having the right foundation is everything. Recently our Methodist church starting building the foundation of our new sanctuary and fellowship hall building. The process of getting the right start and dirt pad has been so important. And it has all depended upon the right setup. Our architect and building committee have worked tirelessly on the details before the dirt was put in place. And even when the construction crew started putting the dirt in place, plans had to be adjusted because the ground had too much water causing the trucks to sink down 4 feet! But I believe the dirt pad is even better now that the ground has been excavated and better more reliable dirt was brought into place. The setup is even better for our new building to come and be put in place. We are looking forward to a bright future for our church family for next 100 years! But it all depends upon the setup!

Jesus knew all about building on a good foundation. He emphasized how important a life of faith is on a firm foundation time and again in his parables. He also called on Peter to be the rock upon which the church would be built. Peter was not always perfect in what he said and did when he abandoned and denied Jesus. However, Jesus forgave Peter and Peter did not give up trying to follow Jesus and be faithful to the Kingdom of God. God calls us to find our abundant and full life in the “right setup” with our relationship with Jesus. Our “right setup” is best in the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. It does all depend on the setup!

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