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Cemetery association meets

The Aline Star Cemetery Association met Tuesday, April 20, 2021. The annual meeting is held on the third Tuesday of April each year for those who own burial space(s) or wish to purchase burial space(s).

The Aline Star Cemetery Association Board with the assistance of volunteers met prior to Easter weekend to dispose of debris, prohibited items and weatherworn decorations. The intent of this cleaning is to assist families and the mowing crew with maintaining the attractiveness of the grounds.

Thought the spring weather has been cool, the ongoing need for mowing and weed control remains a constant demand. Maintenance expenses continue to rise. Donations to maintain the grounds or to remember a loved one are very appreciated at any time. Financial gifts contribute to the certainty of the aesthetic quality of the cemetery.

Alien Star Cemetery Association officers include Gary Booze, president; Kaye Reihm, treasurer; Brenda Dixon, secretary; and board members, Carey and Nancy Anthony, Melvin and Nina Ricke, and Doris Booze. An opening exists for one board member. Membership in the association (owning burial space) is required to serve on the board.

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