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Pastor talks about when bad things happen



As I sit here and reflect on what to write about and prayerfully encourage you with, I can’t help but reflect on times in my life when something bad happened. It can be easy at times to only focus on the negative, hurtful, and the lies of satan in our lives.

If we are not careful ,those things will overtake every area of our life. Something I have learned is to take those lies, hurts, and negativity to God. Then pray and ask the Holy Spirit to open my eyes to see and for understanding in that situation. As I allowed the Holy Spirit to help me and guide me through those times, something good came from those moments. At times it was drawing closer to God or bringing me closer to family and friends.

The Cross is the perfect example, I want to share this powerful and encouraging poem titled “The Cross” from Jason Dyba. “The cross, it was meant to horrify the world. It was meant for humiliation, it was meant to last for days. It was meant for slow asphyxiation, it was meant to prolong torture. It was the Roman soldiers job. It was meant to be used by Cesar, but instead it was used by God. 

It was meant to stop a movement but it became the way. It was meant to act on fear, but instead it awakened faith. It was meant to uproot hope, but instead it became the seed. It was meant to punish captives, but it unleashed freedom. It was meant to build up Rome, but instead it builds God’s Kingdom. It was meant to discourage rebels, to stop insurrection and put down Jesus.

It set up His resurrection! It was meant to jeer and mock Him, but it was His glory. It was meant to erase a chapter, but it became the story.  It was meant to hold up convicts, but it raised up a king. It was meant to shut our mouths, but instead it’s why we sing.  It was meant to be a judgement, but it became our mercy. It’s why the song of Heaven is the Lamb is worthy.

It was meant to kill an enemy, crush dissenters and diversion. It became the banner of God’s love for every person. It was meant to be used for nailing of hands and feet to wood. It was meant for evil, but it was used for Good! It was meant to be a symbol of God’s assassination, it became the symbol of Jesus’ invitation.

Have you came to the cross?

Instead of sin and stain, YOU are meant to be made clean. Instead of being forgotten, YOU are meant to know you are seen. Instead of being ashamed, YOU can leave behind your guilt. Instead of feeling empty, YOU were meant to be fulfilled. Instead of being broken, YOU are meant to be made whole.

Come to the Cross! 

Instead of being an accident, YOU have a purpose and a plan. Instead of being abandoned, YOU are chosen by God! For the times you have said I can’t, God has said “I can.” No matter what you have done, come to the Cross. Instead of being a victim, you are meant to be victorious. The result of Jesus’ blood is salvation! Instead of being dead, you are meant to be alive.  The cross, which was used for death, God used as a sign of life. It was meant to be the end, but it is our beginning!”

I want to encourage you today, if you are going through a difficult situation to pause and ask the Holy Spirit for help. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to see and for knowledge and guidance through this time. He is our helper, our guide every single day! God is no respecter of persons, if He can help me through it, He can help you also!

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