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Address confirmation notices mailed

Select voters in Alfalfa County will receive an Address Confirmation Notice in the mail soon. Alfalfa County Election Board Secretary, Kelly Stein, said federal and state law requires that Address Confirmation Notices be mailed to designated voters every two years. Not every voter will receive a notice. State law clearly defines who should receive a notice and how those notices should be sent.

Stein said each voter who receives a notice, must respond online or by mail within 60 days of receipt. She said it is the voter’s individual responsibility to respond.

“By law, only the voter can respond to the notice—not a spouse, parent, or even a caretaker. We also want to let voters know that we cannot accept confirmations, changes, or cancellations to a voter registration by phone or by e-mail. You must respond to the notice by completing and returning the card by mail or online using the OK Voter Portal,” Stein said.

The OK Voter Portal can be accessed at

If you receive a notice, you need to respond as quickly as possible. Voters who do not respond within 60 days, will have their voting status changed to “inactive”. “Inactive” voters are still registered voters and can vote.  However, “inactive” voters who do not vote, update their information, or fail to have any type of voter activity during the next two General Election cycles, are required to be removed from the voter rolls following the 2024 General Election. The removal of “inactive” voters is required by both state and federal law to maintain clean and accurate voting records.

Voters who have questions about why they received an Address Confirmation Notice, should contact the Alfalfa County Election Board at 580-596-2718 or Voters can also visit the Oklahoma State Election Board’s website at for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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