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Jet Industrious holds meetings in April and May

Jet Industrious met at 7 p.m., Tuesday, April 6, in the home of Shal Jenlink.

Members present were Mary Etta Campbell, Doris Jenlink, Shal, Jessie McCormick, Susie McAlister, Cecelia Castle, Verla Blackledge, Sarah Glasco, Ann Dillion and Suzanne Johnson. Guests were Gina Campbell, Kortney Campbell and Kreed Campbell.

Kreed is a Clover Bud and a member of the 4Him 4-H. He gave a talk-like devotion including reciting the 23rd Psalm.

Kortney, also a member of the 4Him 4-H, gave a demonstration on making whole wheat chocolate chip muffins.

Roll call was answered with “Whether you use herbs for other than cooking.”

Johnson gave the devotion about “Centering your thoughts on Christ.” He suffered at Gethsemane and on the Cross to give us the greatest love of all.

The lesson was given by McCormick on house plants and succulents. Handouts were passed out – “House plants and succulents and Fabulous Health Benefits of House Plants.”

McAlsister read the minutes and Blackledge presented the treasurer’s report.

The club will do the Overtime meal at 6 p.m., April 21 at the Jet School. Peggy Mahken wanted to do walking tacos for the meal.

Needed is 11 pounds of ham and cheese, Mahken;  chips, plates and napkins, McCormick; hamburger, Johnson and Mary Etta;  ice cream cups, Blackledge and McAlister; taco seasoning, Castle; and salsa, Dillion.

The Jet Industrious Easter Egg Hunt was a great success. McAlister will send out thank-you notes for those donating for prizes.

The fireman’s workshop was a great success and the meals the club furnished were enjoyed.

Mary Etta reported on the Spring Council. Jet Industrious won the Community Project Award. Doris Jenlink was honored for 74 years in extension.

May 5 is the flower show. Plants and flower entries were encouraged. Lunch will be served. Members bringing food are Shal, salad and dessert; and Blackledge, vegetables.

May 8 is the fireman supper at Nash for Ground Hog Day.

Mother’s Day Dinner done by the Jet Fire Department is May 9. Members need to furnish salads.

Lunch time learning is April 16 on “Lets Taco Bout Tacos” and “Benefits of Sleep.”

OHCE Week club will do display at bank. Blackledge, Shirley, McAlister and Dillion will be the workers. The club is to work on Culture Arts Tour with Domesticates.

Cookies will be served to teachers at Jet Elementary School during OHCE week. Shal, third; Glasco, fourth; and Johnson, sixth.

Shal made a motion to adjourn meeting.

May 4

Jet Industrious met at the Jet Senior Citizen’s Building for their monthly meeting on May 4, 2021.

Campbell opened the meeting with the flag salute and Oklahoma Flag Salute.

Johnson gave the devotion, “Strength for the upcoming generation.”

The club had two 4-H members present to give demonstrations.

Olivia Armstrong gave a demonstration on “Recycling toilet paper roll by making a flower that could be hung up.”

Oakley Armstrong gave a speech reciting the 4-H pledge.

Johnson gave the lesson, “Nurturing your emotional health.” To do this, you first make social connection a priority. Second, staying active is as good for the brain as it is for the body. Third, learn how to keep your stress levels in check. Fourth, Eat a brain-healthy diet to support strong mental health. Fifth, Don’t skimp on sleep, it matters more than you think. Last, Find purpose and meaning in life.

McAlister read the minutes and they were approved and Blackledge gave the treasurer’s report.

The Overtime meal was a success and they fed 50 kids and 10 adults.

The Fireman’s Dinner will be on Mother’s Day and the members are to furnish salads.

Some of the members will be furnishing cookies for teachers at the school for OHCE week. Those members are Shal and Glasco.

There will also be a display at the Jet Bank that will be set up by Blackledge. Shirley Shacklee, Blackledge, Linda Kiser, McAlister and Glasco will be fixing cookies, bread and other treats.

Lunchtime Learning will be May 14 on Bo Ho Wall Hanging.

The club is still working on the culture art tour. The flower show is May 5.

There will be no June meeting. Blackledge, Johnson and Shacklee will plan something for June.

Members present were Blacklege, Campbell, Dillion, McCormick, Glasco, Johnson, Kiser, McAlister, Shacklee and new member Wanda Gray.

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