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OHCE host annual flower show in Cherokee

The Alfalfa County Oklahoma Home and Community Education Flower Show committee and the Alfalfa County Cooperative Extension Service sponsored the annual Alfalfa County Flower Show on May 5 as they celebrated OHCE Week.

The Flower Show received 150 entries this year.  Nearly all divisions and categories were represented.  Best of Show winners were Mary Etta  Campbell in the Artistic Division; Nancy Hada, Irises,  and Jacqueline Britt, General Horticultural Division. Jacqueline Britt also received Grand Champion Overall with her staghorn fern.

The Judge for the Flower Show was Pam Lyon, a Garfield County Master Gardener, from Enid.

In the afternoon Mini Smart educational workshops were presented to the public.   Tommy Puffinbarger of Alfalfa County Extension presented a workshop on “Pruning Trees” and included a field trip to the park to learn hands on. Lynetta Cressler of Cherokee Floral conducted a workshop, “All About Succulents”, where participants learned about caring for succulents and potted their own succulent to take home.

The Alfalfa Oklahoma Home and Community Education Association is an organization that promotes, and strengthens individuals, family and community through education, leadership development and action, in cooperation with state, county and local groups.  If you would like to have more information about Alfalfa County OHCE Groups or you would like information on how to join a local group, please contact the Alfalfa County Cooperative Extension Service at 580-596-3131.

The placings are as follows:

Horticulture Department Grown by Exhibitor

Division I

Bearded Iris Division

• White: Pat Daub, first; Marguerite McMurtrey, second; Ann Siler, third.

• Yellow: Marguerite McMurtrey, first; Suzanne Johnson, second.

• Light Yellow: Ann Siler, first.

• Yellow Blend: Pat Daub, first; Nancy Hada, second; Pat Daub, third.

• Purple: Ann Siler, first; Marguerite McMurtrey, second; Diane Ferrell, third.

• Light Purple: Ann Siler, first; Mary Etta Campbell, second; Mary Etta Campbell, third.

• Dark Purple: Nancy Hada, first and Best of Show Irises; Pat Daub, second; Georgia Wilson, third.

• Purple Blend: Pat Daub, first; Pauline Trissell, second; Nancy Hada, third.

• Lavender Blend: Pat Daub, first.

• Intermediate Purple: Shana Smallwood, first; Jackie Britt, second; Madeline Smallwood, third.

• Lavender Purple: Pat Daub, first and second.

• Purple White: Ann Siler, first.

• Black: Brenda Salinas, first; Pat Daub, second.

• Pink Blend: Georgia Wilson, first.

• Bronze: Nancy Hada, first; Brenda Salinas, second; Mary Etta Campbell, third.

• Bronze Blend: Ann Siler, first; Pat Daub, second; Suzanne Johnson, third.

• Peach: Pat Daub, first; Pauline Trissell, second.

• Peach Blend: Randy Leek, first.

• Green: Nancy Hada, first.

•Other: Brenda Salinas, first; Randy Leek, second; Pat Daub, third.

• Iris Bud: Pat Daub, first; Randy Leek, second; Pat Daub, third.

Division II


• White Double: Eldora Wood, first.

• Pink Single: Randy Leek, first; Diane Ferrell, second.

Division III


• Miniature: Georgia Wilson, first; Karen Hawkins, second.

•Rose Bud: Suzanne Johnson, first; Pauline Trissell, second; Tammi Miller, third.

Division IV


• Water Lily: Karen Hawkins, first.

• Clematis: Suzie Salinas, first; Marguerite McMurtrey, second.

• Pansies: Tammi Miller, first

• Columbine: Karen Hawkins, first; Sharon LaRue, second and third.

• Herbs: Diane Ferrell, first.

• Other: Georgia Wilson, first; Marguerite McMurtrey, second; Randy Leek, third.

• Dianthus: Suzanne Johnson, first and second. 

Division V

House Plants

• Foliage Plant: Diane Ferrell, first; Janet Maltbie, second; Georgia Wilson, third.

• Ferns: Jacqueline Britt, first and Grand Champion Overall-Horticulture; Karen Hawkins, second.

• Succulents: Diane Ferrell, first; Georgia Wilson, second; Tammi Miller, third.

• Hanging Baskets: Brenda Salinas, first; Ann Siler, second.

• Other: Ann Siler, first; Karen Hawkins, second and third.

• Geranium: Karen Hawkins, first.

• Mixed Succulents: Madelyn Smallwood, first; Suzie Salinas, second.

Division VI


• Trees: Suzie Salinas, first; Marguerite McMurtrey, second.

• Vines: Pat Daub, first; Diane Ferrell, second.

• Flowering Branch: Pauline Trissell, first and second; Suzie Salinas, third.

• Yew: Marguerite McMurtrey, first.

Division VII


• Any Kind – No thorns: Brenda Salinas, first; Georgia Wilson, second.

Artist Department

Purchased or grown by exhibitor

• Class I Nature’s Beauty: Ann Siler, first.

• Class III Spring Greens – Fresh: Georgia Wilson, first.

• Class IV Cute & Tiny – No More Than 5” – Fresh: Ann Siler, first; Georgia Wilson, second; Suzanne Johnson, third.

• Class V Artistic: Mary Etta Campbell, first and Best of Show – Artistic.

• Class VI Just for Fun: Owen Bellamy, first;  Christian Salinas, second; Mary Etta Campbell, third.

• Class VI Just for Fun – Fresh: Georgia Wilson, first.

• Class IX  Patriotic Arrangement: Suzanne Johnson, first.

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