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Don’t forget to check tags, licenses

Coming off the pandemic that left many tag agencies closed for an extended period of time, officials are wanting to take this opportunity to remind individuals to check the expiration dates of the automobile tags and driver’s license ahead of the busy summer.

Motorists stopped with expired tags and/or licenses face the possibility of having their vehicles impounded and even potential jail time.

For those unaware, when renewing driver’s licenses now, local tag offices will only give you a printed copy of your license renewal form, but your actual license will be mailed from the state and it can take 2-3 weeks to receive them.

The paper form will serve as your license until the actual license arrives in the mail.

Additionally, you are not required to get an Oklahoma REAL ID compliant license or identification card; however, if you plan to fly domestically or access federal facilities or military bases after May 3, 2023, you must have a REAL ID compliant license or identification card or another acceptable form of identification such as a passport or passport card.

If you already have your passport, it’s suggested to wait to get your REAL ID compliant license when your current license expires.

What’s the difference in card types:

• REAL ID compliant driver licenses and identification cards have a gold star in the upper right-hand corner of the license to indicate it is REAL ID compliant. This is the only physical difference from a non-compliant credential, but it allows airport and federal officials to quickly identify the card.

• Oklahoma credentials already provide a high level of identity security and fraud deterrence. The only physical difference with non-compliant driver licenses and identification cards will be not having a star in the upper right-hand corner.


In order to obtain a REAL ID you will need to provide proof of identity/lawful presence in the United States, your social security number and two proofs of your current Oklahoma address. For a full list of acceptable documents view our REAL ID Document Checklist.

If you are under the age of 18 you are NOT required to have a REAL ID; however, if you would like to obtain a REAL ID you will need the following:

• Birth Certificate

• Social Security Number


• Any item delivered by the United States Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS sent by a verifiable business or government agency

• A DPS Shared Residency Form, completed by someone over the age of 18 living at the same residence

• A residency document in a parent or legal guardian’s name

• School enrollment records

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