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Cherokee Roundup Club hosts first playday, results are below

The Cherokee Roundup Club is celebrating its 29th anniversary of being reorganized.

In March of 1993, Jeff Waugh contacted Scott Cudmore to ask if he would be interested in starting the Cherokee Roundup Club up again and, as they say, the rest is history.

Mary Pat Cudmore was the first treasurer and she recalls having only $53 in the account.

Several families offered a helping hand by pitching in and cleaning up the arena.

Some of those families were the Cudmores, Jeff and Gina Waugh, Tom and Lisa Chace, and Tim and Jacklyn Kolb.

The group worked in the arena painting and mowing and even created the wooden sponsor signs by hand.

The first year they had 25 participants and now that number has risen to 75-80.

Since that time the fairgrounds has undergone some upgrades due to the help of many families and the continued support of the county through the sales tax.

One of those upgrades is the new concession stand on the north side of the outdoor arena. Also, a tremendous amount of work has been done to the outdoor arena.

Several people have started in the Cherokee Roundup Club and have gone on to attend college on scholarships for rodeo and higher levels.

When the Roundup Club got its start, it was thanks to people like Hal and Evelyn Judd, Harold and Margaret Patton, Bill and Dolly Daniels, Don and Twyla Provost and Wayne and Lois Walker.

Clyde Tucker was the first president of the Roundup Club and it met at City Hall.

The late Don Provost recalls bull dogging in 1948 and also served for many years as president.

Others helping were Dick Bright, Art Yocam, Leland Green and Gus Ream. They dug holes for lights and borrowed equipment from Alfalfa Electric. It took them four to five nights to dig one hole.

Several members of the community have recalled memories from different time periods. For example, Butch Porter remembers roping at the age of 13 with Art Yocam.

Other big supporters who came later were Duane and Carolyn Waugh, Butch and Rita Porter, Morris and Glennis Porter, John and Peggy Patton, Jim and Judy McCalip, David and Orla Wilber, David and Gayla Failes, Megan Rice and more.

The Roundup Club also puts on the annual Great Salt Plains Stampede Rodeo held in August.

The rodeo hasn’t always been in the current location at the Alfalfa County Fairgrounds. It used to be east of the old Alfalfa Electric Cooperative building where the ball field is now located. A sale barn was nearby and that is where  the first rodeo was held.

The Cherokee Roundup Club hosts playdays and the finals. The playday dates are 5 p.m., June 26; 5 p.m., June 27; 5 p.m., July 10; 5 p.m., July 11 and the finals are 5 p.m.,  July 18.

An awards banquet will be held in the Alfalfa County Exhibit Building at the Fairgrounds after the finals.

The age groups are six and under, seven-10, 11-14 and 15-18.

Anyone with questions about the playdates or CRC can contact Megan Rice at 580-884-0105.

Here are the results from the first playday held on June 12:

6 and under

• Stick horse: Hayes Cudmore, first; Krese Blanton, second; Telson Ohm, third; Turner Allison, fourth; Jacon Heaton, fifth.

• Goat tie: Hayes Cudmore, first; Turner Allison, second; Telson Ohm, third; Krese Blanton, fourth; Jacon Heaton, fifth.

• Barrels: Karsyn Volker, first; Telson Ohm, second; Jacon Heaton, third; Oliver Liley, fourth; Trigg Keller, fifth.

• Flags: Telson Ohm, first; Jacon Heaton, second; Oliver Liley, third; Krese Blanton, fourth; Trigg Keller, fifth.

• Poles: Rickey Tucker, first; Telson Ohm, second; Krese Blanton, third; Jacon Heaton, fourth; Karsyn Volker, fifth.   

7 to 10

• Barrels: Cord Heaton, first; Tanis Allison, second; Jayt Heaton, third; Jancey Goodno, fourth; Aileen Ordonez, fifth.

• Flags: Jayt Heaton, first; Cord Heaton, second; Bristen Blanton, third; Kaden Pruett, fourth; Jancey Goodno, fifth.

• Poles: Cord Heaton, first; Tanis Allison, second; Jayt Heaton, third; Jancey Goodno, fourth; Avery Toews, fifth.

• Goats: Jancy Goodno, first; Cord Heaton, second; Bristen Blanton, third; Tanis Allison, fourth; Kaden Pruett, fifth. 

• Breakaway Roping: Telson Ohm, first.

11 to 14

• Barrels: Brinklee Blanton, first; Angelien Stewart, second; Kenadie Meyer, third; Breckin Willyard, fourth; Kodee Ohm, fifth.

• Flags: Kodee Ohm, first; Brinklee Blanton, second; Breckin Willyard, third; Kenadie Meyer, fourth.

• Poles: Breckin Willyard, first; Kodee Ohm, second; Kenadie Meyer, third; Angelien Stewart, fourth; Brinklee Blanton, fifth.

• Goats: Mackinze Mackey, first; Laine Tucker, second; Angelien Stewart, third; Cade Mackey, fourth; Kodee Ohm, fifth.

• Breakaway roping: Laine Tucker, first; Jantz Heaton, second.

• Calf roping: Jantz Heaton, first.

• Ribbon roping: Jantz Heaton, first.

• Steer stopping: Breckin Willyard, first.

15 to 18

• Barrels: Baylee Oister, first; Jade Jantzen, second; Abbey Gibson, third; Dusty Colvin, fourth.

• Flags: Jade Jantzen, first; Baylee Oister, second; Abbey Gibson, third.

• Poles: Baylee Oister, first; Jade Jantzen, second; Abbey Gibson, third; Dusty Colvin, fourth.

• Goats: Jade Jantzen, first; Baylee Oister, second.

• Breakaway roping: Colby Mackey, first; Talon Tucker, second.

• Calf roping: Colby Mackey, first.

• Steer stopping: Talon Tucker, first.

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