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Alfalfa County Historical Society meets on May 27

The Alfalfa County Historical Society met for their meeting on May 27.

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m., with Ronal McMurtrey, Megan Rice, Donna Prince, Lance Miller, Royce Flaming, David Collins and Darrell Wessels all present.

Collins led the group in a prayer and Rice read the minutes from the September 3, 2020 meeting. Flaming made a motion to approve the minutes and Miller seconded. The minutes were then approved.

Rice presented the treasurer’s report, they raised a good amount of funds from Tombstone Stories in October 2020.  Rice suggested the group hold another Tombstone Stories event this year. Collins made a motion to close the two Gateway First Bank accounts; checking account and savings account and moved the funds to their existing ACB bank checking account.  Miller seconded the motion and it was approved.

Collins then made a motion to host another Tombstone Stories event in the fall (September or October of 2021), Flaming seconded the motion and it was approved.  Rice said she had an actor and a story lined out and will continue to find others in the next couple months and present those at the next meeting.

Under old business the following was discussed:

• Pricing and more discussion took place about replacing the nine windows at the museum, McMurtrey will contact Roger Cunningham to make sure his quote is still good and he is still available to put windows in. 

The group is going to ask Main Street about their $500 façade grant, Rice will ask Schaun Aker if the museum qualifies and if so they will start that process for the grant. 

• McMurtrey sprayed and mowed the yard at museum and will continue to do so all summer.

Under new business the following was discussed:

• Rice was contacted by a group of Ghost Hunters who asked if they could come investigate the museum.  After discussion and questions from the board, a motion was made by Collins to allow this group to come if they agreed to the following terms: $200 fee, No public bathrooms/water, Midnight as cutoff time for visit, and two board members must be present during investigation. Flaming seconded the motion and it was approved.  Rice will contact the group with terms of condition and report back.

• Rice will run another membership ad in the Cherokee newspaper in the month of June.

• A letter was mailed to the museum from Kenneth Cyrus, he has four or five Marion Goodwin paintings and would like to donate them to the museum if they are interested. The group voted to accept the paintings and Mr. Cyrus is going to mail them. McMurtrey will contact Mr. Cyrus to let him know the museum wants the paintings.  Rice made the motion, Lance seconded and it was approved.

• A quilt was donated to the museum by Randy Leek in honor of her mother Nada Bernard. Leek asked the group to raffle the quilt off in order to help raise money for the museum.  After discussion the group decided to table the quilt raffle until next meeting.   

• The next meeting was set for August 5, 2021.

Prince made a motion to adjourn and the meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

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