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Alfalfa County Historical Society holds meeting

The Alfalfa County Historical Society met at 7:04 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 12.

The meeting was called to order with Ronal McMurtrey, Megan Rice, Kenneth Failes, Royce Flaming, David Collins and Darrell Wessels present.

Following the prayer by Collins, the minutes from the May 27 minutes were ready by Rice. Flaming made a motion to approve the minutes and Collins seconded and they were approved.

Rice then presented the treasurer’s report. Rice got the two Gateway First Bank accounts closed and the monies moved over to the ACB bank account. The group received the safe deposit box rent invoice and Rice paid it.  A motion by McMurtrey was made that he and Rice would go look in the safe deposit box at Gateway First Bank and close the box and remove items inside and move them to ACB safe deposit box. Collins seconded the motion and it was approved.

Under old business, the following was discussed:

• Rice reached out to the Ghost hunters multiple times with no response so the group is not going to pursue this any further at this time.      

• Discussion started about the Tombstone stories and the October Stroll.  The Cherokee Main Street October Stroll will be held in Cherokee on October 23, the museum open that day and tours given.

• The tombstone stories event will be held at the Cherokee Cemetery from 12 to 4 p.m Saturday, October 16 and be run similar to last year’s event.  The group is going to start working on actors and which stories they will have them portray and discuss more at next meeting.

Under new business the following was approved:

• The Cherokee Publishing Company found around 40 centennial books and offered them to us if we want to purchase them. Flaming made a motion to purchase the books from the Cherokee Publishing Company and then we will offer them for sale at our upcoming events.  Collins seconded the motion and it was  approved.

• Rice made a motion to order and pay for 12 windows from TH Rogers. Flaming seconded and it was approved.  McMurtrey will order the windows this coming week, but windows will take around 11 weeks to come in.

• McMurtrey received a quote from B&B Roofing to install the windows and do all the installing labor. After discussion, Flaming made a motion to use B&B Roofing and pay their quote they gave us. Wessels seconded and it was approved

• A quilt has been donated to the museum by Randy Leek in honor of her mother Nada Bernard. Randy asked the group to raffle the quilt off in order to help raise money for the museum.  After discussion Collins made a motion to sell chances for $5 each or 5 tickets for $20.  The group will begin raffle sales at the October Stroll event and end raffle in December at Cherokee Main Street’s Christmas event. Rice seconded the motion and it was approved. 

• The next meeting was set for September 9, 2021.

Wessels made a motion to adjourn, all approved and the  meeting ended at 7:59 p.m.

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