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County approves monthly appropriations

The Alfalfa County Commissioners met at 10 a.m., Tuesday, Sept. 7, due to the Labor Day holiday.

The meeting was called to order with Marvin Woodall and Jay Hague present. Mike Roach arrived at 10:34 a.m.

The minutes, maintenance and operation warrants for payment and blanket purchase orders were approved first.

No road crossing permits were submitted for approval.

Next, the appropriations were approved as follows: sales tax health, $37,877.45; highway, $458,266.27; sheriff fees BR, $109.54; sheriff courthouse security, $729.50; sheriff sales tax, $5,364.79; sheriff forfeiture, $38.46; sheriff cash, $3,430.02; highway T-8, $26,332.61; highway District 2 T2A, $13,885.38; highway District 3 T2A, $9,479.50; highway District 2 T1A, $646.74; highway cash dist sls tax, $20,633.79; sales tax fairgrounds, $5,216.48; general govt, $17,942.45; department of emergency mgmt, $2,500; Alfalfa County Election Board, $161.95; Enhanced 911, $6,851.94; Cash 911 sales tax, $9,330.06; court clerk records management, $219.50; county clerk preservation, $1,401.03; county clerk, $400.38; treasurer, $75; Jet Responders, $101.48; and assessor revolving, $190.48.

Next, the monthly officer reports, court clerk records management and preservation monthly report and monthly highway expenditures were approved.

The commissioners then approved allocating $16,044.33 to area towns from the alcoholic

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