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Northwestern to host a virtual Ranger Preview this Saturday

Northwestern Oklahoma State University’s annual Ranger Preview event for high school seniors will be completely virtual on Saturday, Nov. 7, at 10 a.m. on Northwestern’s YouTube channel.

To attend Virtual Ranger Preview, there are two easy steps. A student must register online at or by calling (580) 327-8546, then watch the Virtual Ranger Preview event at on Nov. 7, at 10 a.m. Any high school senior who registers and attends Virtual Ranger Preview, is admitted to Northwestern as a full-time student at the Alva campus, and lives in Alva during the academic school year will receive a $600 scholarship.

“While we would love to have students physically attending Ranger Preview, our virtual option will still give students a great feel for who we are as Rangers, and what Northwestern can do for them,” Matt Adair, assistant dean of student affairs and recruitment, said. “This is a students’ opportunity to learn about being a Ranger by seeing the campus virtually, learn about the options a student will have here, and earn scholarship money.”

The Virtual Ranger Preview will begin at 10 a.m., and students will have the option to also click on links to information about student organizations/clubs, and also academic departments, they would have an interest in. These highlights will give students a great overview of what to expect while on campus.

“Ranger Preview is one event I enjoy every year, and I am still excited even though we are hosting the event differently,” Calleb Mosburg, dean of student affairs and enrollment management, said. “Our recruitment team has worked hard on creating an event that will teach potential students the importance of becoming a Ranger. Students will have the option to view different academic departments, plus clubs and organizations. I’m excited to show students’ what we have to offer through our Virtual Ranger Preview event.”

The $15 college application fee also will be waived for all seniors who attend.

To register by phone or to find out more information about the Virtual Ranger Preview, call the Office of Recruitment at (580) 327-8546 or email them at

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