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Students answer Thanksgiving questions

Timberlake and Cherokee third through fifth graders submitted their annual Thanksgiving responses. They are as follows:

Timberlake Fifth Grade

What Thanksgiving means to me…

Thanksgiving is a celebration of the pilgrims and the American Indians uniting. It is a time where family and friends alike, come together and celebrate this amazing feat. The occurrence of my favorite Thanksgiving happened last year. Me and my triad (mother sister and me) traveled to Texas to meet my mother’s side of my family, it was truly a magnificent time. Thanksgiving is also a time for thankfulness. Things that I am thankful for include my friends, my family, my clothes, my home and God.

Jude Vassar

First thing my family does is get on some Thanksgiving themed outfits. And then we go to my grandparents and most of the time I am in charge of the kids. To be honest it’s pretty fun. So after about an hour of (babysitting) my family and I eat. Then after eating we pass around gifts (because we don’t see them on Christmas). Then we give our hugs and say goodbye.


My favorite Thanksgiving memory is when all of my family on my mother’s side met up in Edmond, at my mom’s cousins house. We had ham, turkey, chicken, green beans, corn mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and cherry pie. Later my family from Australia came, afterwards we played on their trampoline. We watched the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving parade and the 2018 National Dog Show. Then on the way home we stopped at Chick-Fil-A.

Paige Redman

Things I’m thankful for my house, clothes, pets, my mom and dad, family, water, a great community and school. My favorite quote is “Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.” My favorite Bible verse is, “The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1.

Amilya Jones

Hi, my name is Portland. Thanksgiving is my third favorite holiday. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is eating. The turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy stuffing are so good. I like spending this holiday with my family. I love this holiday so much and I will always love it.


I am thankful for my friends, family and my home. The reason why I’m thankful for family and friends is because they help and encourage me. The reason I’m thankful for my home is because it gives me shelter.


Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family. It’s a time to be thankful. It is a time of memories. It’s a time of giving. It’s a time of happiness.


My family and me go to my aunt’s house. We see my cousins and sometimes every four years we see my cousins that live in Zambia. We eat ham, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes. My favorite time is when we met my cousin’s girlfriend.

Stormie June

Thanksgiving to me means eating good food, spending time with family, and remembering history. My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is spending time with family that I have not seen for a while, mainly cousins, aunts and uncles. I look forward to seeing all of my family.


My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is seeing friends and family and seeing them means so much to me.


Thanksgiving is fun for me because I get to go hunting with my family and friends and every time we go we get a turkey and usually I get to pluck the turkey.


I am very thankful for my friends, teachers, my mom and dad they really inspired me to doe these things I get to do. My teachers really helped me with things that don’t understand and help me when I don’t know stuff. I am thankful for friends because when I get left out they come play with me. I’m so thankful for my family because they take care of me and one of my cousins are a baby and I play with him to keep him happy. I am so thankful for all things that God blessed me and the rough times I went through so I am very thankful for that.

Ella Johnson

I love Thanksgiving because I get to spend time with family and my dad smokes a turkey on the grill and we have dessert I love it so much.

JaeLynn Miller

On Thanksgiving my family gets together and we eat turkey, ham and other things that are really good but my favorite part of Thanksgiving is seeing my family.


On Thanksgiving we go hunting. When we get home we eat, that is one of the best parts of Thanksgiving, the food. But the best part of Thanksgiving is being reminded of what you’re thankful for.


On Thanksgiving we come as a family and eat. I am thankful for having a brother and sister. Also for having a family.


I am thankful for everybody and all of us get together and eat, play games and do other things and we eat turkey, mashed potatoes and my mommie’s yummy noodles. I could have like four helpings they are so good and I can’t waiting for this Thanksgiving.

Ryleigh Hunter

I love Thanksgiving you get to tell people what you are thankful for. We always go to my grandma’s house. My favorite thing is I get to see my family. My things that I am thankful for I get to see my family, play games and have fun.


I’m thankful for having food to eat, and every year my family goes to someone house that I’m related to and play and eat, also my favorite food during the Thanksgiving dinner is the turkey.

Ty Choate

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is all the food. My papa makes he best turkey and ham. I am thankful for my house. I love it when I get to see my family.


My favorite part of Thanksgiving is seeing my family and having a good meal at the dinner table. I love Thanksgiving because it shows thanks and love.

Bodey Thomas

Cherokee Third Grade

My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is…

Hanging out with family. Most of the time we’ll have turkey, stuffing, pie and mashed potatoes and gravy. My favorite turkey is when my Uncle Chris puts bud light in the turkey.

Marliegh Tidwell

Some of my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving are to get lots of my favorite foods like mashed potatoes and gravy and turkey. But my favorite is pumpkin pie. The best is giving thanks.

Tanis Allison

I have one thing I like to do on Thanksgiving. I like to eat food with my family. The food is always delicious.

Caleb Kiner

I’m telling you some things I do on Thanksgiving. So we get together and eat turkey and stuffing and pie and on the pie we put whip cream. On the turkey we put pineapple and stuffing is so fun spending time with my family.

Carlee Roberts

My favorite thing to do is playing with cousins. We play with Nerf guns and eat delicious food.

Kolt Wessels

Some of my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving is going outside with my family. We come in for lunch and after we eat we might play games. We play hide and seek at night. My family is special.

Aileen Ordonez

Some of my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving is eat like the pie and play games. I like to play with my family we jump in leaves and then we rest for a long time.

Tyla Gibson

I have three things to tell you. I like to spend time with my family. I play with my cousins we like to play hide and seek. My favorite thing is pumpkin pie. My grandma is my favorite.

Colton Ream

Some of my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving are see family and play games. I sometimes go to my grandma’s house. I also eat delicious food. Next I watch the turkey parade.

Holly Hickman

I have three favorite things to do on Thanksgiving. Have pumpkin pie my Nonie makes it. i get to see my cousins. And eat turkey.

Kaysen Arnold

My favorite things to do on Thanksgiving is go to my grandma’s house and eat turkey. Then I play with my cousins, it is so fun.

Kaden Littlefield

My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is have my family and I have mash potato and we have for dessert  is pumpkin pie and me and my cousin go and play outside and we go back in the house and play a game.

Zander Nelson

My favorite thing is stuffing ham mashed potatoes pumpkin pie and whip cram. Playing with my cousins.

Owen Tucker

I like to cook in the kitchen with my mom. My favorite food is rolls, stuffing, deviled eggs and meat, having family, time relaxing and eating a lot of food and mashed potatoes. Have a good Thanksgiving.

Quinn Ream

My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is eat and see my cousins. When I get up in the bright morning I brush my teeth. Then I play on my phone til my cousins get to my house. We eat mashed potatoes, green beans, ham, turkey, rolls, burritos, lasagna, macaroni and pumpkin pie. Now you know what I do for Thanksgiving but my favorite thing to do is give thanks for my many blessings.

Case Littlefield

My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is spend time with my family. My food on Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes gravy, green beans, rolls and meat. I am very grateful and thankful that I have a great family.

Emily Skinner

My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is eat with my family. i like to eat is a turkey leg and mas potatoes and gravy and pumpkin pie.

Jody Taylor

We celebrate my dad’s birthday. I like to eat corn, mas potatoes and ham. I love to eat pumpkin pie for dessert. My uncle, my aunt and my baby cousin come over. My family gets my dad presents. I also really like to eat baked potatoes. We play some games like Monopoly, then everyone goes home. We clean up the house, I liked when I saw my family.

Eden Gottsch

My favorite food on Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes and gravy. My favorite dessert is sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies. After we eat we play hide and seek or board games.

Emma Smith

My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is spending time with my family and eating turkey and mashed potatoes and rolls and gravy and dessert we have pumpkin pie with whip cream.

Montana Ledford

My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is to wake up early and go to my grandmas. We all get there and eat a big meal. My favorite thing to eat is turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy and deviled eggs. We all eat and then we all sit and talk about what we are thankful for. Then all of the kids go to play together. Then we all go home.

Skyler Cunningham

On Thanksgiving I get up early and I wake up everybody. Especially my sister. We play on my trampoline. My dad and John cook dinner. My favorite thing is pumpkin pie.

Jessie Wimpee

My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is eat Thanksgiving dinner, there is ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, deviled eggs, mac and cheese.

Payton Nguyen

Eating with my family and cousins. We eat turkey, ham, bread, baked potatoes. Then we play games and watch TV and play basketball. That’s my favorite things about Thanksgiving.

Trevon Ginder

My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is spending time with my family and eating yummy Thanksgiving dinner. My favorite thing is to eat turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy and rolls for dessert. My favorite is pumpkin pie with whip cream.

Aubree Cudmore

On Thanksgiving my whole family and I met at a Lodge. We we got there we waited for the rest of the family. When the whole family was there we ate my favorite meal. It was so good, for dessert we had pumpkin pie. My favorite part of Thanksgiving was playing with my whole family.

Reuben Heim

Cherokee Fourth Grade

If I had a pet turkey…

I’d name him Mr. McBubbles, why, I don’t know. The first thing we’d do (if I had enough money) is go to a jewelry store, to go buy some jewelry. I would buy us matching diamond rings that say Boss, and they spin. Then we’d get matching gold chains that have our faces on them. After that I got him a black collar with gold spikes on it, with a metallic gold leash so we could go walking. Next, we’d get matching Jordans, Gucci clothes and sunglasses. He would then get a girlfriend, have babies. I’d give one of the babies a lot of food, then shoot it and eat it for Thanksgiving.


I would buy another turkey. Then I’ll make them have babies, so I can have free breakfast. I’ll eat the meat for lunch My turkey’s name is Not Food. Not Food is a cannibal so I have to be careful with him.

Jack Barker

I would be so nice to him. He loves to play with me, and be so nice. He is a fun turkey. He would have some friends to play with. He would go to school, and play with them.

Hannah Hensley

I would name him Bobbles because his neck bobbles. Then I would release him back into the wild because my dogs would try to eat him. Well one of them would.

Marley Kimminau

If I had a pet turkey I would name him Phill. He would sleep in the milking room and eat corn. We would go for a walk and play in the sand. We would have fun that would never end.

Aubrey Marrero

I would teach it how to fly. Then I would eat it. I would name it Wendle.

Brett McKee

If I had a pet turkey I would probably take him to the park, and let him play for ten minutes. After ten minutes we will go home. When we get home, I will get his dinner ready. Then he will finish his food and get in the shower. After his shower he will get his pajamas on. Then he will get in bed and go to sleep.

Carley Push

I would first go and get the pet turkey. I would bring it home and feed it. Then I would name it Pineapple. I would feed Pineapple a lot of food. Then on Thanksgiving I would kill Pineapple and eat him.

Cole Smith

I would feed it bread and pieces of hot dogs from time to time. Her name is Anney. I have her because I have a an animal shelter for horses. One day a lady brought in a turkey. Really, I watched her set it down on my step. She was just a baby, and when she walked she would fall on her face. Then start to run from one end of the room to the other. Or at least try.

Katera Roberts

I would name it Fat Gus. So I would grow it up and feed it so it gets nice, fat and juicy. So fat that it couldn’t eat or walk. When it turns Thanksgiving, I will get a rifle and shoot it for Thanksgiving. Sorry Fat Gus.

Kort Roberts

I would make her feathers Spiky. She would have spiked bracelets and a spiked necklace. Her name would be Poki.

Mariska Whitesides

One day, I asked my mom for a pet turkey. She said, “Only if I finished my work.” So I went off to finish it so I did, and took good care of it and named it KFC.

Amber Powell

I would probably name him Fatstack. The food I would give him everyday would be a huge bowl of seeds and worms. The worms would be pretty big. Like about 13 inches long and 20 inches thick. I would take good care of him and let him sleep in my room.


My turkey’s name is Rover. He is very special. One thing about him is that he eats people. We like to play video games. Like Fortnite, Minecraft and Duck Shooter. 5 months later it’s really close to Thanksgiving. My pet turkey was looking fat and juicy. So we took him to a slaughtering ranch. Then cooked it at three billion degrees for 5 minutes.

Colton Fisher

I would name it Rusty. Then Rusty and I would watch Netflix. Then I would take Rusty to the park. Rusty and I would play on the ship. Next, we would get Lolas. Last, we would eat the food and go to bed. That is what I would do with my turkey.

Alissa Pfleider

If I had a pet turkey, first I would walk it around town. I would feed it my corn I would name it Max. i would dress it up as a dog. Last I would watch a movie with my turkey and the movie is Fast and the Furious.

Everett Utterback

If I had a pet turkey I would feed it Taco Bell! I would also play school with my turkey! Afterwards, I would take it to the pet store on a harness. I would teach it tricks like fetch, and how to roll over! That is what I would do with my pet turkey.

Kendal Collins

If I had a pet turkey I would name it Bill. I don’t know why I would name it Bill I just would. So I’m going to tell you what I would do if Bill was my pet. First, I would probably teach it how to play my Xbox and throw a football. Second, I would take it places like Taco Mayo because they have the best chicken quesadillas. Finally, I would introduce it to my lizard Rex. I think they would be best friends. So that’s what I would do if I had a pet turkey named Bill.

Creed Patterson

If I had a pet turkey, first, we would eat food. i would eat bacon and eggs. He would eat salad. We went for a walk he learned how to walk by his self. I take him to school and showed him to my class. We walked home and I give him a bath. We went to bed. That’s why I want a turkey.

Levi Solis

If I had pet turkey her name would be Linde. When I named her we watched Hocus Pocus we ate popcorn and hot chocolate. We went outside to help mom set up Halloween decoration. Then we drank more hot chocolate. Then we played dress up Linde dressed up like Olaf and ran around the house like a wild turkey. Then we ate dinner we ate pasta. Then we went to bed we stood up until like 12:00 then we fell asleep. That is what I will do when I get a turkey.

Regina Wimpee

I would name it Phill. Then, we would go downstairs and eat. I would eat pancakes and he would eat waffles, he would beg to go to school with me and I would say yes! After, we finished breakfast we would walk to school. Then, the library. I would go to the kid section and he would go to the turkey section. I would pick out a book like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” or “Babysitters Club”. He would pick a book like “Run Turkey Run”. Then, we would go home and good night’s sleep.

Harper Laramore

This is what I would do! First, I would name it SirGobbles because it is a good name for my turkey. Next, we would play in the snow together! Then, he would let me sit on his back while he flies! Finally, I would buy him a recliner so we can watch TV together! That is what I would do if I had a pet turkey!

Maggie Smart

If I had a pet turkey I would do all kinds of things with my turkey. First, I would names my turkey. I would name her Sky. Then, I would teach Sky tricks. I would teach her how to shake hands, play fetch, and teach her how to sit. Last, i would feed Sky. I would feed Sky my leftovers because I do not think they sell turkey food. That is what I would do with my pet turkey if I had one.


This is how I would treat it. First I would eat chicken with it for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Second of all we will eat candy like gum, suckers, popcorn. Then I would give it a bath lastly. I would put it to sleep. That’s how I would treat a pet turkey.

Brenner Means

My life would never be the same again! When I would get my turkey I would obviously name it Linx. I would name it Linx because turkeys are funny animals, Linx ends with X. X is a funny letter. Dad and i would have a blast building Linz a home. His home would have granite walls. His home would have nice carpets. My turkey would get hungry once in a while. I would feed him rabbit. I would buy it and cook it myself. Linx would be a handful but a handful of fun.

Kaylee Eckhardt

I would dress him in my football and basketball stuff. next, I would play football and basketball. Then, I would watch a movie that is scary. Third, I would take him for a walk to school. Last, he would go to my football game. This is what I would do if I had a pet turkey.

Tegan Rose

If I had a pet turkey. I would name it BJ because my calf was named Benji. Second I would watch a show called “Jessie” with BJ! Next, I would play at the playground with him. Last, I would feed it a cake made of grass, dirt, popcorn, milk and flour. All in all, this is what I would do if I had a pet turkey.

Aubree Hughes

Cherokee Fifth Grade

Our Thanksgiving turkey jumped out of the oven and told us…

That he didn’t want to die, because he was young. Then he tried to lie by saying he wasn’t fat enough to eat. After that he said that he would come back next year when he was fatter. Then he came back next year and he was still skinny. So they let him go. A year went by and he was fat enough to eat so they cooked him.

Yesenia Banderas

That you don’t have to eat me you can just buy chicken at Popeyes. Where it’s already cooked, and delicious. Then you can let me go. Then we said “why would we do that?” Then the turkey said, it would be good for the environment. Then we let him go.

Julie Beall

You are not gonna catch me. The turkey ran out the door and the family chased him. They ran through the park and the other kids ran with them. They also ran by the lake and the people watched in surprise. The turkey yelled, “You can’t catch me.” They ran all the way across town. They finally got the turkey and walked all the way home. The End

Lyndey Berry

To not cook him because he said he is too young to by cooked, so it would be stupid to cook me.’ said the turkey. “And plus you got to catch me first.” He ran and ran and they chased him. They trapped him and finally caught him and he screamed, punched, and kicked and said, “I know Karate, but they still caught him and brought him back to the house. They said, “Ok turkey you’re going in the oven.” Then they had a turkey stamped and attacked them, so they turkey got away.

Zoey Bickerstaff

You’re mean, you tried to cook me! Don’t eat me! Eat my brother! You have a farm right? I’ll show you where he is. I’m joking, I have a sister. Just kidding!! Then he runs away and doesn’t get caught and runs to another barn.

Wyatt Calwonsen

I can’t believe you did this!! You burnt my fancy feathers! I had all kinds of colors, I had yellow, orange, and brown. You know what? I’m gonna re-run away with all my fellow turkeys! Soon enough, the turkey ran out of the house and warned the other turkeys what was coming. All of then came along, but one big turky. He thought he was all tough and buff, but you might of guessed what happened..He was Thanksgiving turkey!!

Cash Cantellay

That we should eat pigs for Thanksgiving because turkeys can have rabies and pigs can’t  and that there is so much more fat in pigs and not very much fat in turkeys like him he also said, “have bacon for Thanksgiving, not turkeys. Anyways, bacon is a pig, so please don’t eat turkeys for Thanksgiving any more.” We knew he was lying, so we ate him for our Thanksgiving meal. The End

Keira Clausing

“Hi! How are you? Dude my tail feathers are burning!!” “Wait what smells like chicken? Are you cooking chicken? WAIT THAT’S ME!!! AHHHH!” “I need a nap! Can I use your bed for a little bit? Thank you, you are a good friend. Wait, did I just call you a friend? I’ve never had one of those. All the other turkeys bully me! By the way, my name is Jeff. Gotta go take a nap! Nice talking to you!! BYE”

Zackery Cunningham

To never eat turkey again! He ran out the door and the old man ran after him. The turkey went to hide in the corn. The old man passed the turkey, but another man saw him. He started to chase the turkey. The old man came back, then the turkey ran to a dead end. The old man ate the turkey and was happy! The End

Alex Diacon

To vote for Trump and don’t let Joe Biden sniff you and I’m not good to eat because I have the Crona and 2020 is disgusting and horrible. And if you don’t vote for Trump you will have Crona don’t tess me you human.

Yandel Garcia

Shrek is available on all streaming services and minecraft is playable on all platforms. “Shrek is a beatiful beast and minecraft is great.” the turkey said. The turkey said he’s the best minecraft player in the world and shrek will approve.

Raegan Gottsch

If you don’t catch me I’ll eat all your food. So he ran onto the table and he held a bowl of gravy and a man jumped to catch him. He got a face full of gravy. He ran all the way to Time Square in New York City. Then, a man caught him and took him back to the house and put him back in the oven and he got cooked. Then they ate him. The End

Benelli Green

To not cook him, but he said it like this, “If you cook me, I will call the police on you! “ “I am confused” I said, “1. You don’t have a phone. 2. If you are cooked, you  can’t call the police. 3. How are you alive!?” Instead of answering, he ran all around the house knocking over the lamp that grandma gave us, the grandfather clock, the dog, Sally, and my little brother, Cooper. He just ran and ran and ran. Soon me and mom gave up chasing him, but he was so tired. After that he just walked back into the oven. So we had him with mashed potatoes and gravy. The End.

Aubrey Hair

Did you know we are very important? We could grant you a wish if you wanted us to, but if you’re about to eat me then you won’t get any wishes at all so would you rather eat me or would you rather get a wish. Like with Tinker Bell we granted her in the wish of being a fairy. But like I said earlier if you want to eat me you won’t get a wish. Well I have to think about it, I said. Wait could you bring us anything I asked in astonishment. I can do that. So like you can bring me a grant me anything. Wow that’s so cool so right now right here I can ask for more wishes? Well there are a few things you can’t so one thing is you can’t ask more, you can ask for a limit of 10 wishes and you can’t ask me to bring more turkeys. One last thing you can’t cook me later if I grant you with a lot of wishes okay? Well I had to think about it because would I rather eat turkey or would I rather have wishes I got wishes would be cool so I told him that I want more wishes now so I have a limit of 10 wishes right? Yes he stood there flustered. He said he could do it in an hour. An hour later I was very happy so I went to go look for him and he was not there then I knew he had  played his nasty trick on me and ran away so we had to get a new turkey and the next turkey we got said the same exact thing how he could do wishes but I ignored him. I kept him in the oven and then he never talked again. The End.      

Lucas Heim

Can you order pizza for thanksgiving so you don’t eat me for thanksgiving please I’m too funny so pizza for dinner. No so in the oven now. Oh ok see you nest thanksgiving good by.

Keyona Henson

Our Thanksgiving turkey jumped out of the oven and said, “You can’t catch me!” as it ran out the door. Out the turkey ran around yelling,“ You’re never getting a hand on me!” We finally caught him!!

Caleb Kile

NO!! Don’t cook me! I have a family! I’m joking! I am lonely! I have no friends! All of the turkeys make fun of me! Will you be my friend? SIKE! The turkey throw down a smoke firework and ran out of the house. When the turkey got to the farm, he lived happily ever after!

Jagger Kimminau

“Happy Thanksgiving!” The turkey said and we were startled and surprised. Then the turkey disappeared. And everyone was just standing there. Then I started running around crazy screaming. My mom did the same and when we calmed down, I collapsed and fell asleep. Then I woke up in bed. “was it a dream?” I got up and my mom and dad were in the kitchen cooking. I ate and went to school still thinking about it! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Abigail Powell

You are irrisencebale people and ran off onto a field. Run and get that turkey that people said running after it. The turkey ran through a field many times before getting tired. Then he was caught by the grandma. Then he was hung on a hook. He escaped from the barn and limped off to the other side of the road. When he went to the other side of the road, he was eaten by a cougar. Then the cougar was shot by the family. Then they ate the cougar with the turkey inside. And the turkey was never seen again. The End.

Malachi Ocobock

That he was not to be in a oven he is supposed to be in the wildness and then he ran outside and said I’m free and he kept on going till the next day. And then they caught him the next day and put him in the oven and he jumped out of the oven again didn’t said I am supposed to be free now an rain out of the doggie door 2 weeks later they caught him again and this time they try to put he in the oven with his feet tied together but he still got out and ran free again. The End

Price Poe

Check back in next week’s paper for the remainder of the Cherokee fifth grade class. Also, don’t forget to look in the newspaper closer to Christmas for the Santa Letters from the students at Cherokee, Burlington, Timberlake and Aline-Cleo in grades second and younger to Santa Claus. The letters will be typed and then mailed on to the North Pole for Santa to read.

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