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Final installment of Thanksgiving letters

Cherokee fifth graders submitted their annual Thanksgiving responses.

They are as follows:

Our Thanksgiving turkey jumped out of the oven and told us…

You can’t eat me. i have a turkey family. And so he ran and yelled you can’t catch me and he laughed. And then the family ran the fox saw the turkey and he ran. Then the rooster saw the turkey and he ran. Soon enough the whole town of Animal Land was chasing the turkey then at last he ran into a tree at the park and they all decided to have a picnic Thanksgiving.

Christina Salinas

“Catch me if you can!” Then he ran past a slaughterhouse, and the butcher saw the turkey running, so he followed it with the man and his wife. Suddenly, the turkey got cornered. The only thing behind him was a field, so the turkey decided to run through it. The man, the wife, and the butcher all lost the turkey. The by that evening, a wolf brought it to their house.

Jesse Reneau

Help help you’re somebody trying to eat me and my name, thanks for asking it is trump. There was somebody trying to beat me so I jumped out of the oven. So I ran to the backyard so they couldn’t catch me. And the then they caught me and I fought and then I scratched them and they put me in the oven and I was dead forever

Karsten Heste

“Help! Help! My kind is in very big trouble! You thieves have been killing every single one of us turkeys!” Dad jumped out of his chair and screamed, “get back in the oven and finish cooking, so we can eat you!” Then the daughter started running in circles and screaming, “AHHH… the turkey can talk and it’s alive!” Then she fell to the floor and started crying. “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die!” The mom, however, jumped out of her seat and said, “calm down. It’s ok. It is just a turkey!” Then the son yelled, “yeah mom! I know that it is a turkey. It is also alive and about to attack us!” Then the turkey started talking again, “People, people, calm down. I’m just a freaking turkey, the only harmful thing I can do is hit you with my feathers, kick you, or most importantly, EAT YOU ALL UP!!!” They screamed, ran away from home and returned. They all never ate turkey or any other meat in their life! The End

Kayli Pruett

  “You underestimate my power!” I told him “ don’t try it!”  Then I chopped his legs off and he went back into the oven and caught a blaze. “ I hate  you!” he said, “You were my brother turkey. I loved you!” After that we ate him happily and had a great Thanksgiving. It was two years after that Thanksgiving, we heard a knock on the door. As I opened the door, darth turkey was standing there. The last thing I hear is Luke I am your father…

Dawson Schanbacher

Why do you want to eat me? I have knowledge. I am a wizard. Would you like me to tell you your future? “ I see that you will not be eating me for Thanksgiving you’ll be eating chicken.” Tom Turkey said. Then he burst into a sprint and went straight out the doggie door. But there was a fence and then the turkey got caught. They took them back to the farmer where they got him.This turkey jumped out of our oven and ran out the doggie door TAKE HIM BACK the family said! So the farmer took the turkey back and then they got a chicken and then the chicken jumped out of the oven and told the “ I lay eggs you’re supposed to eat me during the summer”. Then she bolted out the open window but the family caught it. They took it back to the far,. The farmer took the chicken back. The family ate a salad for Thanksgiving with mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots and stuffing. Happy Thanksgiving!

Emily Tucker

“Hey, I’m going extinct so don’t eat me. If you do, I will set a curse upon you and I will come back and eat you! (gobble gobble)” “DON’T EAT ME,because I have NO friends!” (sad gobble) So pretty, pretty please don’t eat me. I am very mean…ROAR!! Did I scare you? I want to know if we are friends yet, please can we be friends? I will wait until you tell me. If not,l You can eat me or …ummm…haha…nevermind.”

Jules Vaag

No! Don’t eat me. I’m not nearly as tasty as a pig or pumpkin pie. Why not just skip the turkey this year and maybe even we can be friends and go get ice cream. Oh boy do I love ice cream. They went to go get ice cream ever day for a year. It was the day before thanksgiving and by then the turkey was really fat. Then the next morning he woke up in the oven. And the chef looked at him and just smiled and the turkey screamed you betrayed me!!! He tired to run but he was to big. So he started screaming Help! Help! Help! It was so loud that all his family heard and got there almost immediately. Then the chef heard this doorbell ring so he went to the door and opened it and was swarmed by turkeys. They ran to the oven and freed him and went back home. The End

Garrett Ketterman

You are wondering why I’m purple!? I am Turkey Thanos! I have all the seasoning stones. The first stone is the pepper stone. The second stone is the salt stone. The third stone is the cinnamon stone. Forth is the ginger stone. Fifth is the garlic stone. And sixth is chili powder. You combine all these seasonings together and sprinkle it on a steak. That will be the best thanksgiving meal ever!!

James Smallwood

To never eat her and not to eat her friends also she said that her name is Koko. She is 5 years old and we should eat her when she is 55 because she would be dead and we said nothing and then I said would you like to come to my rook and Koko said yes but then my family stopped me and told me no then we got in a huge argument and then we lost Koko and we looked high and low and we found her talking to trump and Biden trying to stop fighting and Trump and Biden got along and they ate Koko that was the story and trump became president and biden became vice president.

Trinity Wade

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