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Burlington students get wake-up at school program

A representative of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) presented a program to the junior high and high school students on Tuesday, December 15.

Special Agent, Trevor Ridgeway, spoke to the students about online safety, social media, inappropriate communication, the dangers of bullying and how to end it.

Mr. Ridgeway got the students attention with a collage of pictures he found of different students on social media. He spoke of the importance of keeping communication appropriate and how nothing ever disappears when deleted.

It was apparent that Agent Ridgeway was able to make an impression on the students as some were surprised to see their photo in the photo collage and others indicated that they had not ever considered themselves a bully, but thought perhaps some things they had said or done might be considered bullying.

Special thanks to the school counselor, Gayle McNett, for bringing the OSBI to the school and to Mr. Ridgeway for his informative presentation.

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