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NWOSU announces spring 2021 honor roll

Spring semester honor rolls at Northwestern Oklahoma State University have been announced by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Those on the President’s Honor Roll earned all A’s, or a 4.0 grade point average (GPA), in a minimum of 12 undergraduate or nine graduate hours. Those on the Vice President’s list had grade point averages of 3.5 or better in a minimum of 12 undergraduate or nine graduate hours.

Undergraduate students on the honorable mention lists had 4.0 or 3.5 GPAs, respectively, in a minimum of three to a maximum of 11 semester hours. Graduate students on those rolls were enrolled in a minimum of three to a maximum of eight semester hours.

To be listed on any of the rolls, students could not have any incomplete work.

Listed by permanent residence, those students on the various honor rolls are as follows:

President’s Honor Roll

Undergraduate Students

• Burlington: Lauren Lagos, Anna Motycka.

• Helena: Camdon Frech

Vice President’s Honor Roll

Undergraduate Students

• Aline: Ethan Sacket.

• Amorita: Brenner Clark.

• Cherokee: Frances Mustard, Baylee Sharp.

• Goltry: Jason Mardis.

• Helena: Kolton Fishback, Payton Judd.

• Jet: Jayden Dillon

President’s Honorable

Mention Honor Roll

Graduate & Post-Graduate Students

• Burlington: Carolyn Kisling.

• Helena: Kasya Spade.

Undergraduate Students

• Amorita: McKenzie Olson.

• Burlington: Paden Allen, Savannah Granados, Karlie Heatherman, Nancy Klippenstein.

• Carmen: Lindsay Olson.

• Cherokee: Andrea Corr, Kacie Eshleman, Lake Lyon, Jason Roach, Angel Solis, Madison Wheeler, Bridget Wilhite.

• Helena: Kevin Cowan, Richard Largent, Shawn McMinn, Deitric Pierson, Cade Severin, Kenneth Shannon, James Turley.

• Jet: Greysan Ioerger, Ethan Jenlink, Hailey Phillips, Carver Sands.

Vice-President’s Honorable Mention Honor Roll

Undergraduate Students

• Cherokee: Delaynie Golden.

• Jet: April Burchfiel.

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