Cherokee, Timberlake run at meet

Cherokee and Timberlake runners competed in a recent cross country meet.

The results are as follows:

High School Girls

• A. Guffy, Cherokee, first, 15:45; M. Goodwin, Cherokee, third, 16:18; T. Reese, Cherokee, fourth, 16:22; R. Weve, Cherokee, fifth, 16:24; B. Landrum, Cherokee, 9th, 18:10; K. Dahn, Cherokee, 11th, 20:37; K. Dooley, Cherokee, 12th, 20:46.

• Team: Cherokee, first.

High School Boys

• M. Judd, Timberlake, first, 11:58; P. Glenn, third, Timberlake, 12:12; C. Pierce, Timberlake, fourth, 13:00; J. McCoy, Timberlake, eighth, 13:32; A. Ullrich, Timberlake, 11th, 13:42; D. Schlup, Timberlake, 18th, 14:51; J. Pippin, Timberlake, 20th, 15:06; N. Lambert, Cherokee, 23rd, 15:52.76; S. Harwell, Timberlake, 24th, 15:52.76; M. Parkhurst, 26th, 16:44.

• Team: Timberlake, first.

Junior High Girls

• M. Nevels, Cherokee, third, 7:01; M. Solis, Cherokee, fourth, 7:19; L. Johnson, Timberlake, fifth, 7:30; T. Littlefield, Cherokee, eighth, 8:12; K. Hester, Cherokee, 9th, 8:19;  K. Patterson, Cherokee, 10th, 8:20; J. Kimminau, Cherokee, 12th, 9:35.

• Team: Cherokee, first.

Junior High Boys

• A. Brewer, Timberlake, first, 6:12; P. Glenn, Timberlake, second, 6:18; G. Guffy, Cherokee, fourth, 6:38; B. Ullrich, Timberlake, fifth, 6:51; C. Cantellay, Cherokee, sixth, 6:54; P. Pierce, Timberlake, seventh, 7:04; C. Springer, Timberlake, ninth, 7:15; J. Garcia, Cherokee, 12th, 7:42; K. Johnson, Cherokee, 13th, 7:52; C. Severin, Timberlake, 15th, 8:11.

• Team: Timberlake, first.

Elementary Girls

• T. Allison, Cherokee, third, 7:35; Z. Bickerstaff, Cherokee, eighth, 7:56; E. Tucker, Cherokee, 10th, 8:10; T. Allison, Cherokee, 11th, 8:13; Q. Ream, Cherokee, 12th, 8:15; K. Pruett, Cherokee, 16th, 8:48; A. Hair, Cherokee, 17th, 8:51; J. Davis, Cherokee, 19th, 8:53; L. Berry, Cherokee, 21st, 9:29; E. Smith, Cherokee, 22nd, 9:32; C. Frost, Cherokee, 24th, 10:11; K. Hester, Cherokee, 25th, 10:17; A. Hughes, Cherokee, 27th, 10:24; B. Woods, Cherokee, 28th, 11:31; C. Salinas, Cherokee, 15:43.

• Team: Cherokee, first.

Elementary Boys

• L. Heim, Cherokee, first, 7:00; T. Ream, Cherokee, fourth, 7:14; R. Heim, fifth, 7:19; C. Cantellay, Cherokee, sixth, 7:26; C. Patterson, Cherokee, seventh, 7:43; D. Schanbacher, eighth, 7:45; T. Ream, Cherokee, 10th, 7:56; T. Ginder, Cherokee, 11th, 7:58; S. Metcalf, Cherokee, 14th, 8:43; K. Pruett, Cherokee, 15th, 8:45.26; B. Means, Cherokee, 16th, 8:45.45; P. Poe, Cherokee, 17th, 8:50; J. Davis, Cherokee, 18th, 8:59; J. Puffinbarger, Cherokee, 20th, 9:12; K. Littlefield, Cherokee, 21st, 9:19; T. Allison, Cherokee, 23rd, 9:47; M. Goeken, Cherokee, 24th, 9:53; J. Davis, Cherokee, 25th, 9:58.

• Team: Cherokee, first.

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