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Area runners compete at cross country meet

Cherokee and Timberlake runners competed in a cross country meet at Watonga on Saturday, Oct. 3.

The results are as follows:

High School Girls

• Abby Guffy, Cherokee, fourth, 12:52; Carson Schanbacher, Cherokee, 36th, 14:22; Raylen Weve, Cherokee, 39th, 14:25; Macy Goodwin, Cherokee, 43rd, 14:36; Riley Hensley, Cherokee, 47th, 14:43; Maryanne Heim, Cherokee, 57th, 15:15; Taylor Reese, Cherokee, 74th, 15:50; Katie Dahn, Cherokee, 101st, 16:58; Bethany Landrum, Cherokee, 114th, 17:28; Korey Dooley, Cherokee, 129th, 19:49.

• Team: Cherokee, fifth.

High School Boys

• Merric Judd, Timberlake, 10th, 18:06; Payton Glenn, Timberlake, 20th, 18:41; Alec Ullrich, Timberlake, 30th, 19:15; Chase Pierce, Timberlake, 56th, 20:13; Jack McCoy, Timberlae, 70th, 20:32; JJ Pippin, Timberlake, 75th, 20:45; Stephen Harwell, Timberlake, 116th, 23:09; Mason Parkhurst, Timberlake, 118th, 23:25; Nick Lambert, Cherokee, 120th, 23:47.

• Team: Timberlake, sixth.

Junior High Girls

• Mae Nevels, Cherokee, 13th, 10:59; Marisa Solis, Cherokee, 21st, 11:21; Naomi Heim, Cherokee, 27th, 11:28; Tessa Littlefield, Cherokee, 37th, 12:04; Katelynn Storms, Timberlake, 47th, 12:33; Lilly Johnson, Timberlake, 55th, 12:45; Gracie Diller, Timberlake, 70th, 13:43; Cassidee Parkhurst, Timberlake, 13:46.

Junior High Boys

• Kaleb Wear, Timberlake, fifth, 12:38; Alex Brewer, Timberlake, 16th, 13:15; Gavin Guffy, Cherokee, 23rd, 13:41;  Cooper Cantellay, Cherokee, 31st, 14:10; Alec Tidwell, Cherokee, 33rd, 14:23; Payden Dunigan, Timberlake, 36th, 14:27; Payton Pierce, Timberlake, 45th, 14:44; Mavric Judd, Timberlake, 56th, 15:26; Blake Choate, Timberlake, 60th, 15:29; Cayde Springer, Timberlake, 63rd, 15:36.

• Team: Timberlake, fifth.


• Noah Berg, Timberlake, ninth, 4:25; Ali Dayton, Timberlake, 18th, 4:57; Hunter Judd, Timberlake, 24th, 7:30; Reuben Heim, Cherokee, 26th, 7:37; Owen Masquelir, Timberlake, 7:41; Amilya Jones, Timberlake, 29th, 7:49; EmmaLyn Jones, Timberlake, 30th, 7:52; Carson Judd, Timberlake, 33rd, 7:54; Hudson Judd, Timberlake, 37th, 8:06; Ethan Dayton, Timberlake, 50th, 8:35; Callen Johnson, Timberlake, 54th, 8:41; Jonathen Wear, Timberlake, 58th, 8:44; Reece Berg, Timberlake, 66th, 8:53; Brendan May, Timberlake, 70th, 8:59; Zayden Spade, Timberlake, 81st, 9:28; Emma Smith, Cherokee, 83rd, 9:40; Jaelynn Miller, Timberlake, 88th, 9:46; Ryleigh Hunter, Timberlake, 90th, 9:56; Ella Johnson, Timberlake, 92nd, 10:05; Tyson Pierce, Timberlake, 95th, 10:55; Stormie June, Timberlake, 98th, 11:50; Presley Ging, Timberlake, 99th, 11:57.

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