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Cherokee, Timberlake cross country teams compete at state meet

Cherokee and Timberlake cross country teams competed at the state cross country meet on Nov. 4 held at Edmond Santa Fe High School.

The results from the cross country meets are as follows:


• Abby Guffy, Cherokee, third, 12:33; Carson Schanbacher, Cherokee, 46th, 14:04; Macy Goodwin, Cherokee, 50th, 14:07; Riley Hensley, Cherokee, 52nd, 14:10.24; Raylen Weve, Cherokee, 53rd, 14:10.64; Maryanne Heim, Cherokee, 86th, 14:52; Katie Dahn, Cherokee, 139th, 16:38.

• Team: Cherokee, fourth.


• Payton Glenn, Timberlake, 11th, 18:08; Merric Judd, Timberlake, 21st, 18:43; Dylan Schlup, Timberlake, 33rd, 19:01; Jack McCoy, Timberlake, 19:15; Alec Ullrich, Timberlake, 42nd, 19:15; Chase Pierce, Timberlake, 58th, 19:39; JJ Pippin, Timberlake, 116th, 21:32.

• Team: Timberlake, third.

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