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Area schools release their basketball protocols

The following schools have released their basketball protocols for the upcoming season.


The intent of this policy is to ensure that our student athletes have the best chance to compete safely. We must work together as a community to make this happen.

Following a few simple requests will help give our students, coaches, officials and communities the best opportunity to have a full and enjoyable basketball season.

General Information:

– Masks / Face Coverings are strongly recommended for all spectators while in the building.

– Social distancing is required in the stands. Families should sit together where possible.

– Students grades 5th and below must be accompanied by an adult.

– No loitering in the concession stand, stairwells or hallways during games.

– 6th-12th Cherokee students may sit in the designated student section but must wear face coverings if not socially distanced (6ft) and will not be allowed on the front row.

– General seating could be limited to ensure social distancing if larger crowds are expected.

– Restrooms will be cleaned during events on a regular basis.

– Hand rails and other high touch surfaces will be routinely disinfected during games.

– All spectators will be asked to leave the gym within 15 minutes at the end of the last game.

– No one will be allowed on the gym floor after the games.

Concession Information:

– Concession stand will be open but gathering will be limited.

– Home / Away spectators will be asked to alternate for concession trips.

– Home fans 1st and 3rd periods.

– Away fans 2nd and 4th periods.

– Please limit trips during halftime and between games.

– Food and drink will be allowed in the gym.

Player and Coach Information:

– Visiting teams are encouraged to come dressed for the game.

– Team benches will be sanitized at halftime and between each game played.

– Basketballs will be routinely sanitized during and between games.

– Locker rooms will be sanitized between tournament games and games with multiple teams. At least 10 minutes will be taken to sanitize locker rooms.

– Boys teams will exit through the outside locker room doors on the east side of the gym after the last game of the night.

Please do not attend if you are feeling ill or have symptoms associated with COVID-19.

*All Cherokee basketball games will be streamed live on Skordle @


(Guidelines may also be found on the website

All gate keepers will be required to wear a mask and protective gloves for the duration of admissions and concession stand duty.

Student athletes participating in the evening games should arrive in their uniforms and wear masks to enter the building and commons area.

1. Temperature check will be taken upon entrance to the building.

2. Masks and social distancing are required entering facility and while in line to attend activity.

3. Masks are required going through commons area.

4. Masks and social distancing are required while in line for concession stand.

5. Masks may be taken off while eating and drinking in the concession stand eating area.

6. Masks are required entering into the gymnasium.

7. Masks maybe taken off while seated during the game and must be put back on when leaving the game.

8. Social distancing is recommended in the seating area during the game. Parties of the same household and relations that are usually in contact with each other regularly may sit with each other. Other persons that are not within the same household or relation whom you are not normally in close contact with should social distance from each other in the gym. Please leave at least two vacant seats between parties.

9. The first row of the home side will not be available for fan seating. There will be one row behind all student athletes and coaches left vacant and no one will be allowed to be seated there.

10. After the games have concluded all fans, players and students must wear masks while exiting the building. No one will be allowed to stay in the gym, commons area or hallways other than school personnel.

Please understand these are safety protocols that the Aline-Cleo School District has put into place to help provide safety practices to protect all students, fans and faculty during these unprecedented times. Please take every precaution if you choose to attend sporting events and are over the age of 65 or are immune compromised. All protocols are precautionary but attendance is at each individual’s discretion.

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

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